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iPhone Applications

PPGApps was created out of the desire to create applications for the iPhone.  My goal is to add a little fun and humor to your world with my iPhone applications.  Here are some categories of applications that I hope to come up with in the future:

  1. 1.Fun/Humor

  2. 2.Games

  3. 3.Utilities

  4. 4.and More...

If you have any ideas for cool iPhone applications let me know.  When I tell my friends that I have been creating iPhone applications they get all excited and throw some really good ideas at me. 

If you are a business that requires an iPhone application custom written for you, please contact me and we can discuss it.

I am very excited about my first application “Hillary”  and I know you will be too!!!  This application is SURE to get some laughs!!!

If you have any questions just email by clicking the button below!